Michigan Association Of Traffic Accident Investigators

Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators

2018 Membership: For $40 what's in it for me?

Let’s start with the practical:

-As a member of MATAI you receive a 28% reduced price for both the Spring and Fall Conferences respectively. That’s a potential savings of $70.

-MATAI is proud to offer every member 6 electronic issues of the “Accident Reconstruction Journal” included in the cost of your membership. “ARJ” has been a leading International technical accident reconstruction publication for years and is a great resource for accident investigators and reconstructionists. This publication in its printed version would cost you $80.00 for a one year subscription.

What about the MATAI Conferences?

-Traditionally MATAI has held their Fall Conferences out in the field and the Spring Conferences in the classroom.

Since 2009, MATAI has conducted 40+ live, real-world, dynamic crash tests using full scale vehicles. It is an opportunity for you to witness live vehicle crashes from a very close distance. You can personally work the crashes at the scene and confirm that the principles you've been taught, really work. This first-hand experience is unequaled.

At our follow-up conference we evaluate the data collected from the live crash tests. We discover what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Complete your MATAI Registration form and send it to:

Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators

5859 W. Saginaw Hwy #313

Lansing, MI. 48917-2460